I want to start out by saying architecture and photography are my passions. I currently live in Colorado exploring architecture and the wonders of natural settings. Before switching my scenery I lived in Minneapolis, and I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in architecture + photojournalism. I believe my life work will be an endless attempt at finding new and innovative ways to integrate design and photography into a sustainable career.
During my stay at the U of M I took an art digital + darkroom photography class, created artwork for the wake magazine, practiced architecture through countless hours of studio work, populated the entire Housing and Residential Life's website with my architectural photography, and mentored an architecture workshop for teens for two summers at the Weisman Art Museum. All of which culminated into my final semester's work under the direct supervision of my good friend and mentor Christian Korab. 
Since school I have started my full time job as an architectural drafter and continued my work as a photographer and editor working with local photographers helping with shoots, taking photos when needed, and editing photos on a regular basis for my own work and the work of others.

I have been blessed to have many opportunities to showcase my work and numerous wonderful people to work with me through it. Now, I can only hope that you will be added to the list.